Private and Small Groups


We offer private one to one and small group classes in the comfort of your own home.


One to one sessions are perfect for busy mums and dads because;

  • you can spend more time focusing on specific areas that you would like help with; such as colic or teething pain
  • you can participate in a session whilst any older siblings are at home with you
  • there is no fee for last-minute rescheduling if baby is napping

You can book one private session for £60 or 2 private sessions for £100. Private sessions last 60 - 75 minutes. I usually recommend two sessions as this gives you the opportunity to practice all the techniques again to build your confidence at massaging your baby.  


Small group classes in your home enable you and your friends to relax together in a familiar space. You will each learn the full body massage routine over a 5 week period. Each week focuses on a different area of the body as well as repeating the strokes and techniques from previous weeks.


Small group classes are from £60 per class for 60-75 minutes